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garden delight

Flowers and bulbs are placed to appear as if they are growing.

Irises are among the hall-marks of spring, and these purple beauties, arranged loosely among stems of Solidago and real daffodil bulbs, are just the thing to capture attention from nature-loving customers. The weathered pot makes a perfect garden-style vessel for the materials, and, cut into a dome shape and covered with moss to resemble a mound of earth, the floral foam creates a base from which the materials appear to grow. Customers who buy or receive this design get an extra treat with the bulbs, which can be planted after the fresh cut flowers fade.

MATERIALS: Weathered Moretti Standard Pot from Compradores; Irises, Solidago, daffodil bulbs and floral foam from favorite suppliers; moss from Verdissimo USA; wood picks from W.J. Cowee.


    Wholesale Retail  
Irises   $3.48 $10.44  
Solidago   $.98 $2.94  
Daffodil bulbs   $.75 $2.25  
Pot   $2.35 $4.70  
Moss   $.50 $1.00  
Floral foam   $.25 $.50  
Wood picks   $.03 $.06  
Materials     $21.89  
Labor     $5.47  
Total     $27.36  
Suggested retail     $27.99  

Pricing methods vary; this is only one. The selling price is calculated by dividing the retail price of materials by .80, which builds in a labor fee that is 20 percent of the selling price.

Place foam to extend approximately 1 inch above
the pot’s rim. Using a knife,
round the edges of the foam
to create a dome shape.
Bend heavy-gauge wires into
“U” shapes, and use them to
secure moss to the foam.
Arrange Irises and Solidago into
the center of the foam-filled pot.
Secure daffodil bulbs to the
foam with wood picks.

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