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Imaginative new ways to offer these cherished blossoms.

Counting domestic production and imports, total U.S. rose supplies exceed 1.6 billion stems annually, outselling the next most popular cut floral product (carnations) by more than two to one. Clearly, the venerable rose remains America’s favorite flower. And with a fabulous profusion of fresh new varieties on the market—with even more in development for future production — it’s not likely that floral consumers will tire of roses any time soon.
As a result, designers are continually challenged, especially at Valentine’s Day, to find inventive, new ways to present America’s most cherished blossom and to showcase the novel characteristics of today’s most exciting varieties. With these captivating compositions, wonderful for Valentine’s Day and beyond, we suggest creative solutions to this common dilemma.

encased in glass
‘Latin Ambiance,’ a bicolor hybrid tea rose that opens fully, like a garden rose, is an exquisite selection to display under glass. Although the classically formed bunch of roses resembles a hand-tied bouquet, the individual stems are simply dropped into the vessel one by one. No additional mechanics are required; the elegant vase holds the balanced blossoms in place beautifully.

MATERIALS:  ‘Latin Ambiance’ roses from Virgin Farms Direct; Simplicity Line vase from Accent Décor.


overflowing with roses
To create this stylish two-tiered fountainlike design, a pair of ceramic planters are nested together, with the smaller planter resting atop floral foam inside the larger flared one. ‘Papaya’ roses are simply tucked into the foam around the perimeter of the larger planter, and in the smaller container, additional roses are arranged in an equally casual manner. The planters’ crisp pale gray hue enable these gorgeous blossoms to shine brightly for Valentine’s Day and future flower-giving occasions.

MATERIALS:  ‘Papaya’ roses from Golden Flowers; ceramic planters from Compradores.


field-fresh basket
AA ceramic planter, accessorized by a band of bleached grasses positioned both vertically and horizontally in a loose, woven fashion, resembles an especially pretty bushel basket filled lavishly with a bounty of ‘Fiesta’ roses. The juxtaposition of the coarse grasses against the flowers’ ultrasmooth petals is a fashionable trend that strongly and attractively emphasizes the individual textures.

MATERIALS: ‘Fiesta’ roses from Benchmark Growers; bleached bright grass from Natural Botanicals; ceramic planter from Mains Importing.


daring hues

This quintet of stunning garden rose varieties appears casually gathered into a bold-colored vase, the vibrant russet tone of which starkly contrasts with the buttery creams and deep pinks of the blossoms. Such graphic color contrasts are an up-and-coming trend that is youthful and fresh while the superb garden roses have timeless appeal.

MATERIALS:  Meilland ‘Yves Piaget,’ ‘Toulouse Lautrec,’ ‘Botero,’ ‘Quatre-Coures’ and ‘Antique Romantica’ roses from Gallica Roses; glass vase from Meyer Imports Ltd.


radiant rows
Within the clean, contemporary lines of these narrow pocket vases, eye-catching variegated foliage transforms four standard and four spray roses into works of art. Well-placed blades of lily grass, some of which are inverted so their white tips are visible, complete the modern display.

MATERIALS: Meilland ‘Yellow Coral’ roses from Florecal, S.A.; Meilland ‘Yellow Follies’ roses from Passion Growers; lily grass, variegated ti and Dracaena leaves, lime and small glass vase from favorite suppliers; large glass vase from BX Glass Inc.


golden grandeur

With just a small portion of their stems trimmed away, these radiant ‘Gold Strike’ roses are assembled to form a statuesque hedgelike column that is accented by long blades of lily grass. Additional lily grass is woven around the gathering, and even the normally discarded ends of the lily grass are used. When inverted, their white tips provide a striking contrast to the green foliage. Due to the design’s height, a value-added presentation method, a weighty container is required.

MATERIALS:  ‘Gold Strike’ roses from California Pajarosa Floral; planter from Meyer Imports Ltd.; lily grass from favorite supplier.



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