Instagrammer of the month, Susan Davis by Jon Bell


Thirty years after getting into the floral design business, Susan Davis says that weddings and events still make her heart skip a beat. Some of the gorgeous designs she posts on Instagram will do the same to just about anyone who checks them out.

On Instagram, Susan shares stunning images of her floral work: amazing arches, beautiful brides and their bouquets, colorful arrangements on immaculate tables that look almost too good to be disturbed by any matrimonial celebration. It’s a platform that has worked well for Susan, who says it’s not only boosted her business but also connected her with designers, florists and admirers from across the globe.

“People tune in from all over the world,” she says, “and I really enjoy the inter action.”

WHO: Susan Davis, a floral designer and owner of Fresh Designs Flora & Events in Chester Heights, Pa. She’s also co-founder of Design Sanctuary Workshop, a collaborative workshop for floral and event designers.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Susan’s designs are gorgeous – along with the settings they’re used in. So Instagram and all its visual goodness make it the perfect place to showcase what she’s all about.

BUILD UP: Susan’s been using Instagram for a few years and has amassed a following of nearly 35,000. How’d she grow it to that? “As I figured out what people wanted to see, it began growing. I would test by posting, and whatever got a better response, I would do more of, and whatever didn’t, I would stop posting.”

WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Though Susan tries to post about once a day, she says she’s not too clever with her captions but doesn’t need to be. “I feel my audience just wants to see amazing floral designs, so I don’t stress about it.”

GOING LIVE: Lately, Susan has found that live feeds of her designing bouquets, centerpieces and other installations do well on Instagram. At the end, she’ll take live questions about mechanics, techniques or the flowers she’s using. Followers also like to tag along with her on a wedding from start to finish.

“I begin the week with the buckets of flowers and supplies, and then I continue through the process throughout the week until we are in the venue, where I give tips on how to really wow the client by the way we install the florals. I usually share the video for 24 hours after the live feed is over. I get questions and comments in my DM box for several days after the feed goes live. It is extremely exciting to connect with florists from all over the world at all different skill levels.”

BIG BENEFITS: “So many of my referrals come from Instagram. It’s a free platform of advertising, and it has exponentially increased my wedding and event business, as well as my Design Sanctuary Workshop. I can target both audiences easily with this platform – couples who are getting married and florists who need to learn and connect.

TIPS TO TRY: For Susan, it’s simple: Post what you want to sell. “People ask me all the time how I get to do the kind of jobs I get. It’s simply because, early on, I decided to post what I wanted to make and sell. This brought me the clients I wanted.”

SEE FOR YOURSELF: @freshdesignsflorist and @designsanctuary