Instagrammer of the month – SHEAN STRONG

Instagrammer of the month - SHEAN STRONG

Shean Strong makes no bones about it: Those witty captions on his Instagram posts? “Those are all me,” says the Atlanta-based floral designer.

And those captions are, indeed, witty. But you have to make sure to read them closely because Shean laces them only subtly with humor that’s likely to slip by if you’re not careful. One example: There’s a photo of a happy bride and groom with their fluffy over-the-top dog between them. The canine, who’s wearing a floral collar, clearly steals the show. Shean’s take? “I mean, we all know the real star of this photo – my bouquet, right?”Blend Shean’s humor with a serious side, some truly gorgeous images and his knack for getting followers to interact with him, and you’ve got a formula that works famously on Instagram.

WHO: Shean Strong, owner of SHEAN STRONG, a wedding and event planning and floral design company based in Atlanta, Ga.

WHY WE LIKE IT: He makes jokes about his biceps and working in a romper “before they became controversial” while also sharing elegant floral designs and letting followers know that he’s thankful for being able to do what he does. What’s not to like?

DAILY DOSE: Shean says he’s on Instagram daily, but for good reason. “I’m on Instagram every day. Saying that aloud makes me feel like I’m at an Instagram Anonymous meeting! But it really is an asset to my company – a good percentage of my new clients comes from this form of social media.”

KEEPING IT FLEXIBLE: When it comes to a formal Instagram strategy, Shean says he doesn’t really have one. “Maybe I should, but I do try to keep things consistent – posting wedding and event work, floral designs, that kind of stuff. I like to maintain consistency but have the freedom to post spontaneous inspiration. People recognize my work, so I try to stay true to that.”

WHAT WORKS: “Unusual flowers are always a hit when I post an arrangement photo. Posts where I show my award-winning smile, and if I’m anywhere near an animal in my post – it’s going to blow up. People leave positive comments. They double tap that image, and it’ll get reposted in someone’s Instagram story or on his/her page.”

IT’S GOOD BECAUSE: “Instagram gives access to so much inspiring content. I interact with designers from all over and gain a shift in perspective by looking at how others view the wedding industry, design and art beyond the confines of flowers. I benefit from the platform as a space where I am able to share my passion of floral design with a large audience.”

FAVORITE POST: “It was a Valentine’s Day post. I really love one photo where I’m surrounded by dogs in flower collars that I made while I’m in a vintage candy-apple red Morris Garages [MG] sports car.”

TIPS TO TRY: “Stay constant, and genuinely engage with people; don’t just post an emoji in someone’s comments, but engage in conversation and let them hear your voice.”