Instagrammer of the month-Jennifer McGarigle

Instagrammer of the month-Jennifer McGarigle

Jennifer McGarigle started out in the fashion industry but quickly headed into floristry, establishing her Floral Art studio in Venice, Calif., in 1993. She gained a reputation for an aesthetic that is fresh and fashion-forward, and that landed her gigs designing parties for The Oprah Winfrey Show and features in magazines like Architectural Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. She started using Instagram about three years ago, but it’s been only recently that she’s come to see its real potential.“It’s only in the last six months or so that I started paying closer attention to it,” she says, “mainly because I realized – a little late – that Instagram is a great way to reach people and stay front of mind.” Fast-forward three years, and Jennifer’s Floral Art Instagram account has grown organically to nearly 3,500 followers who tune in regularly to see just what she and her design team are up to.

Instagrammer of the month-Jennifer McGarigle

WHO: Jennifer McGarigle, a floral and furnishings designer and founder of Floral Art, a California studio.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Floral Art’s Instagram presence is both simple and bold, showcasing vibrant bouquets, elegant arrangements and brilliant do-it-yourself (DIY) videos that make stunning floral design accessible to just about anyone.

POWER POSTS: “Anything with peonies! Pink, coral, blush color palettes are always a like on Instagram. Other posts that generate interaction are our quick DIYs, original designs and detailed closeups of flowers.”

STRATEGY?: Not so much. While some Instagrammers try to stick to a formal strategy and certain number of posts per week, Jennifer and her team take a less structured approach. “We’ve discussed having a formal strategy, but this seems to take away from the spontaneous nature of being inspired by whatever is happening in the moment. As of now, we post five or six days a week, once a day.

DO IT YOURSELF: At one point, Jennifer had an assistant who created social media posts for her, but she’s since shifted gears. Designers on her team take most of the photos, but Jennifer takes the lead on posting. “I’ve found that by doing it myself, I can curate the imagery and see what people respond to in a positive way directly.”

THE PAYOFF: For some designers, the benefits of Instagram are more about sharing inspiration and connecting with others in the field. Jennifer gets all that, and then some. “It actually does generate sales. People will call to order based on something they saw on Instagram. It also works as quick go-to portfolio.”

TIPS TO TRY: Jennifer’s found that the basics work best on Instagram. “Post regularly. Only post portfolio-worthy, even if casual, photos. Like and comment on other people’s posts.”

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