Indulge in Curiosity

Indulge in Curiosity

Dear Florist,

Do you use curiosity to support yourself and your team?

Curiosity is a powerful tool. It makes you present because the curious can’t get bored.

Curiosity also keeps you open to exploring options instead of getting stuck on a limiting thought or disempowered emotion. It is the difference between being small-minded and gloriously minded.
So imagine taking pleasure in examining your challenges/opportunities from your wonder, wellness and wisdom.

When you indulge curiosity through your:

• Wonder: You are opening your mind and heart to seeing things differently. When faced with a problem, it is easy to get stuck in your stance and take it personally, but curiosity expands perception, which leads to higher compassion and understanding. You can get curious about all aspects of the issue including the benefits it provides.

• Wellness: You are giving yourself and everyone else a break. When you fixate on one thing or option versus considering several alternatives, it creates suffering and strife and beats you up in the process. Curiosity allows everyone to be included. Plus, when your team feels accepted, they perform better. You can get curious about others’ points of view and their unique experiences.

• Wisdom: You are going with the flow instead of fighting it. When motivation is low and passion is not there, finding something to get curious about will get you past it. Curiosity can jump-start momentum and keep the energy flowing. You can always find something to be curious about that will move you in the right direction. As a business owner, manager or team member, you affect everyone around you. So lead with curiosity. You’ll be a glorious breath of fresh air.

Do you see how indulging in curiosity is more productive and way more fun?

Be glorious, and live well!

Love, Macarena Your Virtual Fairy Godmother

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Dr. Macarena Luz Bianchi, PH.D.By Macarena Luz Bianchi, PH.D.
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