Brides will love this romantic collection of luscious garden roses and delicate grape hyacinths and jasmine, entwined by vines and surrounded by fluttering maidenhair fern. Each of the blooms adds its own fragrance to the collection, and a pair of shimmering double-face satin ribbon tails complements the rosy palette. With their cerulean hue, the grape hyacinths offer that touch of blue that many brides will be looking to incorporate in their ceremony.


Wire the grape hyacinth stems to wood picks, to support the soft stems, and wrap the picks in green stem wrap to hide the mechanics.


Wind the jasmine vine around the bouquet, wending among the blooms, and tuck the two ends into the center of the bouquet for security.


Wire four lengths of ribbon to a wood pick, tape the wood pick with stem wrap and insert it into the bouquet base, to create a quartet of ribbon streamers. If desired, tie loose knots along the lengths of the ribbons to add interest.