Holiday Cheer: Noted for its Japanese motif inspiration and enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, “Hanami” is poised to transform holiday décor options to higher levels of luxury and sophistication this coming season.

The trend’s palette of deep maroons and burgundies, vivid reds and fuchsias, cerulean blues and dark greens easily transitions from season to season, with winter providing another opportunity to showcase its color agility. During the holidays, “Hanami” colors – when combined with gold and champagne-hued metallic elements, jeweled accents, vintage handwork and luxurious ribbons and fabrics – create a Christmastime narrative that portrays elegance.

Ornaments like the grouping pictured on the opposite page appear almost exotic or jewel-like when candle or tree lights glimmer against their low- and high-luster metallic finishes. And no holiday trend can outshine “Hanami”-detailed ribbons that feature highly lustrous and textural surfaces. Holiday ribbon options include traditional and dupioni silks, brocades, and jeweled. When ornaments and ribbon are applied to accent to indoor and outdoor wreaths, swags, centerpieces, trees, mantelpieces, garlands and ornaments, the result is an exquisite gift for the eyes.

Foliage and evergreens for a “Hanami” holiday include Magnolia, Port Orford cedar, laurel (Laurus), Oregon grape Design by Linda Whitten (Mahonia), and holly and winterberry (Ilex spp.), as well as deep-red and burgundy-hued poinsettias such as Protégé Dark Red’, ‘Cortez Burgundy’, ‘Prestige Burgundy’, ‘Prestige Maroon’ and ‘Winter Rose Dark Red’ poinsettias.


DESIGN MASTER COLORS Peony 550 (CMYK: 28, 100, 48, 13) / Carnation Red 716 (CMYK: 0, 100, 80, 20) Hunter Green 760 (CMYK: 93, 0, 82, 52) / Maroon 712 (CMYK: 57, 100, 67, 27) Coral 777 (CMYK: 0, 56, 42, 0) / Pacific Blue 690 (CMYK: 100, 30, 34, 2)