Fresh Vibrant English Botanicals for Cliff & Dani’s Gin Infused Wedding Day at St James’ Church Whitechapel & Leighton Hall

Fresh Vibrant English Botanicals for Cliff & Dani's Gin Infused Wedding Day at St James' Church Whitechapel & Leighton Hall

Epic Posting Alert!!! So be warned this posting is of epic proportions, one of those posts where I’ve struggled to edit down the images, so much so, I had to ask Jason to help me, he’s far more brutal that I am, but he too struggled to ‘trash’ any of the images, and so dear reader, I leave you with a mammoth post, to wade through, to lose yourself in, to almost smell the flowers therein, ergo, take your time, don’t embark on this post unless you have time to enjoy it properly…. Here’s the thing, these two are now our friends (as is our way, I do love people you see), we love their taste, particularly in flowers and Gin!! They are the very best of people, who are madly in love and they know exactly what they are all about which was so clearly expressed in their plans for an amazing day!! Cliff is very exacting, he likes things to be done properly and he loves attention to detail, Dani too is a details kinda girl she’s also a big flower lover (always a bonus), which is where my problems in editing these pics came a cropper, I didn’t want to miss out any of those details we had all worked hard on creating, it’d all been considered you see, nothing left to chance, all i’s dotted all t’s crossed just how Cliff likes it!!!xxx We loved their venue choices, St James at Whitechapel is a lovely Church we’ve decorated it before and received a super warm welcome from the ace Vicar and Vergers so we were looking forward to going back. The wedding Reception venue Leighton Hall set in the breathtaking countryside of Carnforth, it is quite simply sublime and we absolutely adore working with Suzie & Lucy and their fabulous team, the house is majestic, the gardens stunning and the atmosphere blissful, you really can’t imagine a more perfect wedding venue… Cliff & Danni’s Mood Board was a work of art, it included everything we needed to gain a thorough understanding of their hopes and dreams for a wonderful wedding day, we were of course inspired and couldn’t wait to invite this dynamic duo back to see a set of sample designs We’d created a full set of sample bridal designs for Cliff & Danni to see, for them to ‘Try out’ We made them a super tall FD Flower Bomb in a relaxed and country style ‘Floral Gin’ Cocktails to sit inside the base of the tall column vase A low table design featuring some heavenly English Country Garden and Meadow flowers Our Palette of fresh flowers included a collection of ‘English Gin Botanicals’ we used Juniper, Angelica, Hibiscus, Oris, Roses, Dill, Rosemary, Lavender, Oregano, Pink Peppercorns, Aloe Vera, Roses, Bay, Nigella and tons more… The evening before Jason & I headed up to Leighton Hall with a van loaded up with floral magnificence We took advantage of the empty tables and the coolness […]