Finding Clarity in the Everyday

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Each one of us carries with us our own set of problems – physical, emotional, and mental challenges we were born with or that have developed during our lives. On top of this, our daily lives often hand us additional problems that we cope with in the best way we know how.

For myself, as well as for many florists, being a small business owner can further complicate life’s typical obstacles. Each day, I arrive at work with a set of objectives I’d like to accomplish, but inevitably, a crisis usually arises with a customer, a vendor or an employee. I’m told the network is down, the phones aren’t working or there’s an angry customer on the phone; and by the way, Suzie is threatening to quit if she doesn’t get her way. On top of all of that, we bear the responsibility for our own incomes and the incomes of our employees.

All of this piles up, and over the years, I’ve lost the resilience of my youth. Difficult decisions need to be made, and I find myself second-guessing my own decisions. As you can imagine, all of this makes me feel overworked, overwhelmed, and anxious about the future.

Sound familiar?

So what’s the solution? Well, frankly, I’m still working on that. But the one thing I’ve found that works for me better than anything else is simple: Walking.

Everyday I try to walk between three and five miles. Yes, it’s good exercise, but the real reason I walk is to find peace of mind. During my walks, my cell phone is turned off, and I’m free to think about almost anything. My mind wanders and drifts in and out of my day, my problems, and ultimately, the solutions. The fresh air clears my head and provides direction, and the beauty that’s often around me during my walks inspires me.

I may not have all the answers about how to overcome personal limitations or difficult work decisions, but I do know that a walk can help me find clarity. And in this difficult business world, a little clarity can go a long way. 


Travis Rigby, publisher

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