Fabulous Cake Flowers

fabulous cake flowers

1. Were the flowers grown organically, or were they treated with chemicals/pesticides?

A gentle rinse of cool water will help rid the petals, leaves and stems of soil, chemicals and bacteria. Follow up with an effective display technique to prevent the stems from touching the cake before consumption.

fabulous cake flowers
Studio Fleurette; Somerset, Wis.
Photo by Liz & Bryant Film

2. Are the blooms nontoxic? Are they considered edible?

Research the flowers you plan to use beforehand. Even if the guests will not be eating the blooms, staying away from potentially poisonous flowers is a good idea.

3. How will the blooms be displayed without compromising the safety of the guests eating the cake?

Consider arranging the blooms on wax paper or a thinly rolled piece of fondant. Wrap the stems with floral tape, taking care to wrap the ends to prevent leakage of water or sap. If inserting blooms into a cake, Maggie Bailey, owner of Bramble & Bee in Tomball, Texas, suggests wrapping the stems and placing them inside a 1- to 2-inch section of a plastic drinking straw (the larger straws used for smoothies work best) before inserting the straw into the cake. The straw acts as a barrier preventing the stems from touching the cake.

fabulous cake flowers
Bramble & Bee; Tomball, Texas
Photo by Kate Elizabeth Photography

4. Are the blooms easily removed for cake cutting?

5. How well will the chosen blooms hold up while on display before the cake cutting?

Consider how long the blooms will be out of water as well as the venue temperature. Using water tubes might be helpful in some cases.

6. How many blooms will the design require?

7. Who will place the flowers on the cake? You or the baker?

fabulous cake flowers
Ruby & The Wolf; Bristol, England
Photo by John Barwood Photography Cake by Hannah Hickman Cakes
fabulous cake flowers
Ivy & Eve; Port Melbourne, Australia
Photo by Kylee Yee Photographer Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes
fabulous cake flowers
Eve Floral Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio
Photo by Alex Marie Photography Cake by A Cake For You