Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness

Dear Florist,

You are the glorious embodiment and expression of wonder, wellness and wisdom. The best part of this formula is that if you feel it, your life will reflect it. If you don’t, just looking for the wonder, wellness and wisdom around you will get you there because it creates a supportive upward spiral, according to neuroscience.

Wonder comes first as a reminder that we are energy beings having a physical experience because energy can’t be created or destroyed, as proved by Albert Einstein’s E = mc2 in 1905.

Being energy conscious provides marvelous benefits like the ability to tap into the superpowers of love, grace and gratitude, which make problem solving much more pleasant. It allows you to not get distracted by the noise and to keep the big picture in mind, which is that life is a symphony, with individuals playing together and creating something more significant.

The idea is not to hyperfocus on the metaphysical and ignore the rest. Instead, honor the energetic side of yourself, and include it to achieve real balance.

When problems arise, consider the physical, emotional/mental, and energetic cause and effect. Physically, if something breaks, you fix it. Emotionally, if something is wrong, you find common ground through curiosity and compassion. Energetically, when an issue arises, you know that things are not always what they seem.

Someone’s complaint about his or her order is rarely just about the flowers. There are other things at play because humans are not one-dimensional. Neither is your flower shop. It is not just about selling flowers; it provides an environment for you, your staff and your customers to expand. Like a symphony, it can sound in the spectrum from mediocre to amazing. Honor the energetic side of things so that you can create masterful music each day.

You are pure energy and deserve the glorious expression of a business. Your awareness and intention can make it so.

Be glorious, and live well!

Your Virtual Fairy Godmother

Energy Awareness

Dr. Macarena Luz Bianchi, PH.D.BY MACARENA LUZ BIANCHI, PH.D.
Dr. Macarena Luz Bianchi is a flower lover, personal empowerment coach, speaker and author of lighthearted empowering handbooks who loves tea and travel. You can sign up for her “Wonder, Wellness & Wisdom WEEKLY WHIMS” newsletter at