There is a balance to Mandy Grace Designs’ Instagram — one that finds an image of a cherubic flower girl posted right next to one of a bride guzzling a bottle of champagne with gusto.

It’s that variety that keeps the feed interesting and engaging. Mandy Grace herself posts most of the pictures, which focus heavily on floral and wedding scenes but then get popped with surprise posts of her kids on the beach or her crew behind the scenes.

Instagrammer of the Month - Mandy Grace Designs

Text by Jon Bell

WHO: Mandy Grace Designs, an event and wedding floral design studio in Maui.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Rather than be a monotone of bouquets and arrangements, Mandy Grace Designs keeps the pictures lively, playful and sometimes a little sexy.

HOW THEY USE IT: Mandy posted her first image in 2014 and has since organically grown to a following of more than 2,500, many of whom are fellow florists and wedding industry friends. She doesn’t have a formal strategy, but she tries to post at least once a day, and she makes a point to blend the personal with the professional. “I’m sure every small-business owner can attest to this, but I find it easier to do it myself because my business is such an extension of my personal style, family life and ideals.”

WHAT’S WORKED: For Mandy, it’s all about keeping her Instagram fluid and unique. “I like to switch up my posts and intersperse professional photos with behind-the-scenes captures of my studio girls or some old blooms that are starting to wither away unnoticed in the shade.”

THE PAYOFF: Instagram has been less about new business and more about new opportunities for Mandy. “​It has been such a strong and positive way to connect with other creatives. I’ve found out about countless wedding workshops and events that have really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone.”

TIP TO TRY: “Be yourself. I really love a good, honest post. While I enjoy a highly curated mix of images, it’s so refreshing to see the real, messy life behind a business. Let us know the face and heart behind your brand.”

SEE FOR YOURSELF: @mandygracedesigns or

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    Photo by Wendy Laurel
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    Photo by Ashley Kelemen
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