December 2015 Product Source Guide

Spray roses, Ranunculi and fur boa from favorite suppliers; Heart Vase from Diamond Line Containers;
Perfect Pink Colortool spray from
Design Master Color Tool.

Page 18
Spray roses, floral foil wrap and wooden heart box from favorite suppliers; Oasis Hot Melt Glue and Oasis Floral Foam Maxlife from Smithers-Oasis Company; Dark Chocolate Colortool Spray from Design Master Color Tool.

Page 20
Roses and Phalaenopsis orchids from favorite suppliers; cut succulents from Dramm & Echter; Oasis Alumnum Wire, Oasis Flat Wire, Oasis Bullion Wire and Water Tubes from Smithers-Oasis Company; Pink Sheer and Purple Sheer ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company.

Page 47
Mini callas, roses, stock, larkspur, plumosa fern and Aspidistra leaves from FTD Flower Exchange; Artesia Wet Floral Foam from FloraCraft; Antique Gold Votives from Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies; Oasis Diamante Brooch and Oasis Uglu Adhesive Dashes from Smithers- Oasis Company.

Page 48
Spray roses, Delphiniums, Hypericum berries and ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses from FTD Flower Exchange; Heavy Glass Swirl Vase from FTD Marketplace; Artesia Wet Floral Foam from FloraCraft; Oasis Florist Netting from Smithers-Oasis Company; Cotton Floral Lace ribbon from Harvest Import; wallpaper adhesive from favorite supplier.

Page 49 (top)
Roses, variegated lily grass, plumosa fern and Hypericum berries from FTD Flower Exchange; Single Pearl Brooch from Smithers-Oasis Company; Artesia Wet Floral Foam from FloraCraft; Heart Clip Vase from FTD Marketplace.

Page 49 (bottom)
Spray roses, ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses, Delphinium blossoms and mini Hydrangeas from FTD Flower Exchange; heart-shaped candy tin and wallpaper adhesive from favorite suppliers; Artesia Wet Floral Foam from FloraCraft; Ivory Lace ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company.

Page 50
Gerberas, bells-of-Ireland, mini Hydrangeas and palm from FTD Flower Exchange; Green Swirl Vase from Diamond Line Containers; Artesia Wet Floral Foam from FloraCraft; Oasis Midollino Sticks from Smithers-Oasis Company.

Page 51 (top left)
Roses, mini Hydrangeas and salal from FTD Flower Exchange; Cube Vase from Syndicate Sales; Fuchsia Taffeta Royale ribbon and Pink/Metal Dot Fun ribbon from Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims.

Page 51 (top right)
Bells-of-Ireland, Gerberas, hybrid lilies, stock, plumosa fern and salal from FTD Flower Exchange; Oasis Mega Beaded Wire from Smithers-Oasis Company; Lavender Vase from FTD Marketplace.

Page 51 (bottom)
Spray roses, roses, callas and stock from FTD Flower Exchange; Faux Diamond Heart from Harvest Import; Glass Rectangle Vase from Syndicate Sales; Oasis Raw Muslin and Oasis Uglu Adhesive Dashes from Smithers-Oasis Company; Hot Pink Jungle Zebra ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company.

Page 52
Roses, mini Hydrangeas and plumosa fern from FTD Flower Exchange; Deep Purple Vera Wang Vase from FTD Marketplace; Oasis Midollino Sticks, Oasis Mega Beaded Wire and Oasis Clear Tape from Smithers-Oasis Company.

company information
Design Master Color Tool

Diamond Line Containers
Dramm & Echter
FTD Flower Exchange
FTD Marketplace
Harvest Import Inc.
Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies
Lion Ribbon Company
800-551-LION (5466)
Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims
800-886-BOWS (2697)
Smithers-Oasis Company
Syndicate Sales, Inc.

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