Daydreaming for Self Nurturing

    Have you daydreamed lately?

    Macarena Luz Bianchi
    By Macarena Luz Bianchi, ph.d.

    Dear Florist,

    Have you daydreamed lately?

    Some may see daydreaming as a waste of time. It is just not right. Creative types may have even been punished for it earlier in life. What a mistake. Daydreaming is, in fact, an active meditation that feeds your soul and a simple way to nurture your inner self.

    Consciously daydreaming is a powerful tool that connects us to the wonder in life through active imagination. For you, as a florist and artist, it is also a valuable tool to explore your creativity and your work.

    Here’s how to get the most out of your daydreaming.

    1. Give yourself permission to daydream and to reclaim your natural sense of playfulness. As your Virtual Fairy Godmother, I’m prescribing this to you. It is a gift to your precious self.

    2. Find the time. It does not have to be much. A minute will do if that is all you have to get started. To enrich your soul, exchange screen time for some quality daydreaming time.

    3. Set an intention for your daydreaming journey. What do you want to feel or accomplish? It may be as simple as, “I want to feel joy” or “Let me explore designs for the destination wedding I was just hired to do.”

    4. Daydream with your eyes open. You want to be present in your body and surroundings while, at the same time, exploring your imagination. I’ve recently added daydreaming as part of my glorious living with wonder, wellness and wisdom routine for my clients and myself. I invite you to join us.

    5. Let yourself wander. Have fun. Don’t restrict or judge your creative power. If it is the first time in a while, you may find you have lots on your mind to be expressed or explored. Allow it to flow. Love, Macarena Your Virtual Fairy Godmother n

    6. Take inventory of how daydreaming affects and enriches your life. This inquiry is a powerful addition to journaling.

    7. Make daydreaming a ritual. You can combine it with an activity you do every day like brushing your teeth or drinking your coffee.

    You can download some Daydreaming Journey Ideas and Journal Prompts at

    Be glorious, and live well!

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