Danziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding Challenge

Danziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding Challenge

In every culture around the world, flowers are an inseparable part of weddings. Gypsophila, in particular, is a classic, romantic wedding flower that is often associated with everlasting love. Commonly known as baby’s-breath, gyp is back in a big way. But now, instead of taking a back seat as a filler flower, these dainty white blossoms have taken center stage, driven by a growing trend toward natural, vintage-style weddings and the availability of more modern varieties of the flower.

Danziger – “Dan” Flower Farm, a global leader in the Gypsophila market, held its first International Gyp Wedding Challenge as part of its “Gyp is Back” campaign. Designed to connect, excite and inspire florists and wedding designers from around the world, the challenge provided floral experts with an opportunity to show off their talents by using gyp to create beautifully imaginative bridal bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decorations, corsages and other wedding décor.

The challenge was kicked off earlier this year with an open invitation to florists and designers. Of the more than 100 designers who submitted portfolios, the Danziger team chose one finalist from each country to receive bunches of the top varieties of Gypsophila on the market, including ‘Xlence’, known for its exceptionally large brilliant white blooms and strong stems; ‘My White Cosmic’, the variety that redefines the color white; and ‘Million Clouds’, a new addition to the small-flower category.

Finalists used the Gypsophila to create wedding arrangements and submitted photos of their work for consideration of publication in a digital catalog, in which each of the designers, photographers and growers who supplied the flowers receive credit for their work. Selected submissions are featured in Danziger’s international wedding catalog, which is available online now at danzigeronline.com.

“It was amazing to see that as much as culture and countries are different, weddings are much the same,” said , global marketing manager at Danziger. “Love is an international language, and so is the love for flowers. We saw different styles and designs, but one thing was clear: Gyp is one of the must haves. We realized that it is a small world after all. Creativity is borderless, and this catalog is a unique celebration of creativity, diversification and the love of flowers.”

Danziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding ChallengeDanziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding ChallengeDanziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding ChallengeDanziger Holds First International Gyp Wedding Challenge