Crowning Glory


What at first glance appears to be a single floral headpiece is actually a floral headband and multiple floral-adorned clips that combine to accommodate any hair length. Designer Lori McNorton glued jasmine vine into the headband design and followed the vine’s cascading line with several floral hair clips to create a simple but chic style perfect for a bride, attendant or promgoer. The clips and headbands can be designed en masse to offer hair highlights for an entire bridal party, from youngest to oldest.


Freesia and Hypericum from The Sun Valley Group; Lenten roses (Helleborus orientalis), jasmine vine (Jasminum) and English ivy (Hedera) leaves from favorite suppliers; Emko Non-Wilt Satin Leaves from Emko; Lady Fair headband from The National Ribbon Company; Oasis Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis North America; hair clips from favorite supplier.

Crowning Glory

Step 1

Trim stems from the satin leaves. Secure one leaf to each hair clip and two leaves to the headband base with floral adhesive.

Crowning Glory

Step 2

Adhere fresh leaves and small blooms and Hypericum berries to the satin leaves atop each hair clip with floral adhesive.

Crowning Glory

Step 3

Place the headband around a cylinder vase to hold it steady for designing. Secure fresh leaves and blooms atop the satin leaves with floral adhesive.