Creativity: Pirjo Koppi


Creativity-Pirjo KoppiWhen working on the “Inspiration for Creation” feature article in our March issue, we were overwhelmed by the number of floral designers who wanted to contribute to that project. Because we could not include everyone, we created this column to share their sources of creativity and inspiration in our future issues. Check out this feature every month as we highlight a different floral artist, and enjoy this introduction to Finland’s Pirjo Koppi.

Pirjo Koppi is a passionate spokesperson for floristry in her home country of Finland and throughout the world. Over the past 25 years, she has presented floral design demonstrations and workshops in Finland and more than a dozen countries around the world. Since her first floral design competition in 1996, Pirjo has participated in more than 55 such events. She has achieved numerous first places, as well as third places in both the World Cup 2015 and the Europa Cup 2016.

Creativity-Pirjo Koppi

Where do you look outside of the floral industry for creative inspiration?

I find my inspiration from everywhere: Flowers as a medium are a source of unending inspiration, but I also find inspiration in new varieties, technical materials, traveling/cultures, architecture, music, food and fashion. The four seasons also provide great inspiration. My main inspiration comes from the materials. It is fascinating to create something new from a common material, such as carnation, for example. I like to work with different shapes that have clearly defined outlines, and I love details and impeccably finished works. I find it unnecessary to compare myself with other florists because I thrive by expressing my vision boldly. I admire and appreciate many florists, and I am always inspired by how they express their own personalities and creativity in their designs.

Creativity-Pirjo Koppi

Describe your passion and love for flowers and floral design.

I am grateful to have found my profession when I was young. It is hard to separate my free time from my work because floristry is my whole life, and I love what I do with all my heart. It doesn’t feel like work at all, when at the same time it is my passion and I love it. I want to develop, learn and try new things all the time. Our profession is fascinating and full of beauty, and interacting with peers around the world generates new and interesting ideas.

Creativity-Pirjo Koppi

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