Couture Collection

Couture collection

Floral couture can be elegant and over the top, but also subtle, simple and just plain lovely.

Mention the term floral couture, and what kind of images come to mind? Extravagant gowns of cascading blossoms? The elegant headpieces of a bridal party? Simple but stunning bracelets or earrings that add a touch of floral style to the everyday?

Hopefully the term conjures that kind of a spectrum and more because floral couture really is a wide and ever-expanding form of floral design.In Florists’ Review’s look at floral couture this year, we spotlight the full range of the field, from over-the-top designs meant to awe and turn heads to the more accessible accessories that floral designers anywhere can bring to life.

Couture collection

Orit Hertz

Though she ended up with a career in high tech, Orit Hertz had always known — at least since she was eight years old — that she wanted to work in flowers.

Floral design by Orit Hertz

So when an opportunity came for her at 31 to jump the tech ship and land where she’d always dreamed she’d be, she took the leap. Armed with a diploma in flower arrangement, she launched her design studio and, ever since, has been designing, arranging, learning about and teaching all things floral.In 2009, she launched the Orit Hertz School of Design and Flower Arrangement, in Jerusalem, Israel, and over the past six years, she’s found herself marrying the worlds of flowers and fashion design to create some truly stunning floral couture designs. Her work spans the spectrum, from stunning headpieces and full-body gowns to colorful eye masks and a fashionable parasol.“To explore and express your inner feelings, your dreams and your imagination in a purely artistic way is a wonderful and breathtaking experience that I simply don’t have the words for,” Orit says on her website. “Perhaps words were not meant to define and confine such emotions.”