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Happy Helleborus

Watch as Lori designs in a unique tulipiere container using fresh cut helleborus out of the garden and stylizing with a green spring wreath and ribbon trim.

Nature’s Garden

Watch as Lori creates an arrangement that will take you on a stroll though nature's garden. Combining a variety of fresh cut flowers that looks as though they were cut right out of the garden and designing with natural...

Basket of Blooms

Watch as Lori shares how to combine seasonal blooming plants and fresh cut flowers in a basket that makes for a perfect basket of blooms. Using violas and a kalanchoe plant, with a budvase of cut ranunculus tucked into...

Herb Cuttings

Watch as Lori selects planted herbs and takes them from pots, to design, to the kitchen. Using cuttings of sage, basil and oregano, tying each cluster off with a hanger and labeled, then placing into small vases tucked into...


Watch as Lori creates a bouquets of soft blush pink & peach hues, using peach roses 'Shimmer', cream Anemones and (blushing bride) Serruria. A rose-gold metallic WebFiber material and butterfly patterned cotton ribbon provided by Harvest Imports Inc. will finish this tied bouquet and...

Local Grown

Watch as Lori designs a beautiful garden bouquet using all local grown flowers, purchased from farm to wholesale to consumer. A simple technique of ribbon and twine is also shared to upscale the look of a simple black vase.
Watch as Lori McNorton designs a beautiful bouquet of fragrant garden roses and sweet peas in a vintage milk glass pedestal container.


Watch as Lori shares how to create a pomander ball out of 'Cosmic' Gypsophila provided by Danziger- "Dan" Flower Farm and light blue delphinium florets from The Sun Valley Group. A handle and streamers of double-faced satin from Lion Ribbin Company...

Harvest Time

Watch as Lori creates a bouquet using fresh flowers and dried materials that make us think of the early harvest time. Sunflowers and snapdragons with touches of filler flowers like Asters and Solidago provided by The Sun Valley Group are selected for this...

Iris in Bloom

Watch as Lori creates this beautiful paired bouquet using iris, pussy willow, hydrangea and privet berry in duo trendy blue/white ceramic containers that features the parallel style of designing.

Showers of Flowers

This week, Lori creates a design perfect for the spring shower season that looks as if it was just picked from the garden. Designed in a pastel watering can with roses, carnations, spray chrysanthemums and cut Kalanchoe blossoms, adorned...

Bloomin’ Cake

This week, Lori shares a technique using a double-faced satin ribbon, floret blossoms and floral adhesive tape to creates a floral band to decorate a simple white cake, a design perfect for holidays, weddings, showers, etc. This cake would...

Upgrade Potted Plant

Join Lori McNorton as she shares how to add an upgraded look to a beautiful blooming cyclamen plant, using paint technique to age a clay pot, creating a handle of fresh heather and enhancing with finishing touches of ribbon...

Floral Headband

Watch as Lori creates a headband of small florets, using floral adhesive technique. Perfect for prom, flower girl, or any special occasion.

Walk in Nature

Watch as Lori McNorton takes you on a Springtime walk though nature, designing with bright yellow daffodils, pussy willow twigs, assorted moss and a surprise finding tucked in, ready for spring’s new birth.
Join Lori McNorton as she designs a pave arrangement of beautiful Alexandra Farms garden roses, using rosemary as a decorative grid and lily grass loops to enhance the arrangement.

Fall Foliage Wreath

Designing a fall wreath with a mix of foliage and fresh flowers.

Basic Floral Headpiece

Watch as Lori uses a basic technique for designing a floral headpiece. Using wire, florist stem wrap and floral adhesive along with fresh spray roses, gypsophila and rose petals to create a perfect adornment for the hair, just in...

Fall Branches Berries Blooms

Lori will be designing with a variety of fall branches, berries, and blossoms.

Accessorize Your Centerpiece

Watch as we create a beautiful Christmas Centerpiece.

Lucky Bamboo

Watch as Lori uses potted bamboo shoots as holders for decorative tubes. Strips of muslin are tied around each shoot and tube for added stability. Dendrobium orchids and anemones are placed in each tube to create a blowing in the...

Woodland Elegance Tablescape

Today Lori will be designing an elegant woodland tablescape perfect for your holiday celebration.

Early Autumn Topiary

Floral Design Coordinator, Lori McNorton designs a topiary arrangement great for any season.

Bountiful Lantern Centerpiece

Watch as Lori McNorton designs a beautiful lantern centerpiece using fresh flowers, fruit and nuts.

Fiesta Centerpiece

It's party time! Watch as Lori design the perfect centerpiece for a fiesta-theme party. Using a trio of colorful sweet bell pepper for the container with a selection of bright colored fresh flowers, daisy & button chrysanthemums and spray...
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