Ribbons of Love

Diaphanous ribbons add new dimension to a gorgeous trio of designs perfect for Mother’s Day sales. Pair double-sided satin and sweet see-through stripes for myriad design options whether accessorizing a wire topiary or elevating a glass container. These show-stoppers...

Hint of Blue

Brides will love this romantic collection of luscious garden roses and delicate grape hyacinths and jasmine, entwined by vines and surrounded by fluttering maidenhair fern. Each of the blooms adds its own fragrance to the collection, and a pair...
This season, why don’t you wear a flower—or 50—in your hair? While hair flowers trended on the spring and fall 2018 runways, flora and fauna might actually be the oldest hair accessories known to mankind. Adorning your hair with...

Crowning Glory

What at first glance appears to be a single floral headpiece is actually a floral headband and multiple floral-adorned clips that combine to accommodate any hair length. Designer Lori McNorton glued jasmine vine into the headband design and followed...
Fall for Inspiration

Fall for Inspiration

Harvest the season’s traditional and not-so-traditional colors and textures for innovative trend applications and unexpected designs. It’s the time of year for the beloved transition to changing leaves and the emergence of fall-friendly flowers and greenery. And while color usually...
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