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The Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement


by Cai Zhongjuan

China is the origin of oriental flower arrangement. Chinese flower arrangement advocates for nature to represent life, emphasizes on composition to display vividness, and focuses on connotation to exhibit artistic concept. The flowers and leaves look vivid, as if they were the work of nature. The arrangers derive their works from nature, but present them on a higher plane than nature itself. Materials required in Chinese flower arrangement are very minimal. The focus is to infuse the floral design with the quality of poetry and painting, using flowers as the medium of expression to reach the highest aesthetic realm of art. This book provides a history of how this art form began and flourished throughout the ancient dynasties of China. Readers will enjoy learning the philosophy, principles, and the emphasis on naturalism that is applied to each composition.

Techniques have been perfected by Chinese floral designers throughout the years to place importance on beauty, structure, and meaning. Discover fifteen actual flower arrangement projects to try and follow the lessons step-by-step or capture the ideas and be inspired to develop a unique flower arrangement artwork.

Hardcover. 184 pages.

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