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Air Plants The Curious World of Tillandsias


by Zenaida Sengo

Fuzzy, spiky, and spectacular – air plants are living, blooming sculptures. Air plants don’t need soil, so you can dangle and perch these easy-care plants almost anywhere. Use tillandsias in crafts with shells, rocks, slate, or driftwood to display in your favorite nook. Or try your hand at creating a vertical garden, a terrarium in a flask, or any of the other stylish projects featured in this book.

Despite their well-deserved reputation for being low-maintenance, air plants in the home cannot survive on air alone. Tillandsia expert and artist Zenaida Sengo explains all the basics of growing and maintaining these intriguing plants so that they bloom and thrive year-round.

Designing with air plants is made easy with stunning photographs that showcase ideas for use as home decor along with six step-by-step projects. Also includes tips on care and maintenance. Softcover. 224 pages.

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