Floral Design By Holly Heider Chapple
Photos By Rebekah J. Murray
Flowers and other considerations provided by DVFlora

Small but showy blooms, beautiful berries and snips of textural foliages transform simple bangle bracelets into must-have wedding and prom accessories. Designer Holly Heider Chapple credits Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD, EMC, with the inspiration for the chenillestem mechanics that allow these costume bangles to become floral works of art.

Stacked bracelets are a fashionable look, and these floral versions are no different. Slimmer than many traditional corsages, they could easily be worn in multiples. Extend the design around the entire bracelet for balance and a beautiful view from every angle. Holly chose flowers, foliages and design supplies from sponsor DVFlora that will dry beautifully, letting customers dance the night away looking as fresh at the end of the night as the beginning.

DVFlora is a wholesale supplier with 10 sales and distribution centers throughout the Northeast U.S. as well as shipping locations in Miami, Fla., and Oxnard, Calif.

Maker Apron from Virginia Dare Dress Company


Shape chenille stems into small floretlike loops. Wrap several of looped chenille stems onto the bracelet – more loops for heavier flower concentration, fewer loops for lighter flower content. Secure the looped chenille stems in place with a dab of liquid floral adhesive, if desired.


Tie short strips of ribbon onto the bracelet at the junctures where the looped chenille stems are attached. This, too, will help secure the looped chenille stems in place.


Glue flowers, foliages, berries and other botanicals of you choice onto the looped chenille stem bases with liquid floral adhesive.