The vase’s painted bloom, with its casual lines and citrus hues, inspired this airy posy incorporating all the best of spring. Loops of cotton ribbon, rustic wire and button wire feature prominently at the forefront before wending their way among the casually cascading tulips. Outsize presence is achieved with fewer floral insertions by using the maidenhair fern and garland to expand the design’s profile while the bold colors draw the eyes to its focal point.


Casually combine ribbons, button wire and rustic wire to create a free-form “garland.” Wrap the button wire around the other components at intervals to hold the layers loosely together.


Secure hyacinth blossoms into the garland, at the binding points and atop the ribbon, with adhesive dashes.


Secure the garland into the design by tying each end to a wired wood pick, and insert the picks into the vase. Arrange flowers into the vase, casually winding the garland among the blooms.