Arranging Cut Poinsettias

Learn how to incorporate these holiday blooms into
fresh floral designs as cut flowers.

Cut poinsettia blooms are featured front and center in this capacious design. Surrounded by Christmas red garden roses, Cymbidium orchids, Proteas, aromatic foliages and red-twig dogwood, they transform this composition into something extraordinary for the holidays.

To make poinsettia blooms last as cut flowers, lightly singe the ends of freshly cut stems. This will prevent the loss of the flowers’ lifeblood — the milky sap. Also remember to never place cut poinsettia blooms into a floral cooler; they are susceptible to chill damage at temperatures lower than 50 F. Instead, first arrange the botanicals that must be stored in the cooler, then add poinsettia blooms, which
can be kept in water at room temperature, just before the design is sold or delivered.

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