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Amy Osaba Design

by Jon Bell

Dreamy wedding scenes. Lovely, laid-back looks at a day in the studio. Colorful, textured floral photos with captions like “If Dolly Parton was a flower.”

Amy Osaba Design has a little bit of everything going on with Instagram. That’s in part why we’re featuring this Atlanta-based studio as our “Instagrammer of the Month” in this issue. Amy’s approach is visually stunning, lyrical and, with more than 86,000 followers, obviously effective.

WHO: Amy Osaba Design, a wedding and event floral design firm in

Atlanta, Ga.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The images are stunning and highlight not only the studio’s floral designs but also how its flowers help complete the scene.

HOW THEY USE IT: Designer and social media manager Ashley Killen heads up the effort and makes sure content is updated and flows aesthetically, but everyone on the team contributes. Amy Osaba Design is also able to post photos from professional photographers, which takes the company’s Instagram presence up a few notches higher still.

THEIR STRATEGY: Be mindful of your brand’s voice, and make sure the overall look is a reflection of your brand. To do that, Ashley considers what kind of image gets posted when. If there are too many close-up floral shots, she might drop in one that has more negative space. Similarly, she tries to intersperse real-time photos, say from a relaxed day in the studio, among the more professional shots. In addition, Amy Osaba Design always makes sure to use Instagram to promote upcoming workshops or speaking engagements.

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Photo by W&E Photographie

WHAT’S WORKED: Amy Osaba Design has found that images of flowers sans people get more likes than those with people in them. Good lighting on arrangements and scenes also seems to help, as does focusing on unique designs and flowers. Ashley also makes a point to engage with followers who comment or send messages.

THE PAYOFF: “The benefits of using Instagram seem almost limitless, and we feel that goes for any type of business,” says Ashley. “Instagram has become our main avenue in building our audience of flower lovers and friends. Instagram, more than any other social media platform, has allowed us to communicate and connect with our followers. And it’s certainly a great place to network with others in the industry.”

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