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Floral artist Rebecca Carter, AIFD, who owns Dover Flower Studio in Dover, N.H., was the featured “American Designer” in the December 2014 issue of Florists’ Review. She masterfully created one dozen designs for our use, so, in addition to the seven fabulous creations we included in our printed magazine, here are five more inspirational arrangements for Valentine’s Day.

To read the complete article and see all of Rebecca’s innovative arrangements, turn to the “American Designer” feature in the print version of Florists’ Review magazine, which is available at many wholesale florist locations and from our online Bookstore.


This modern presentation of a half-dozen roses, in a narrow oblong vase, relies on red rattan sticks for support as well as dynamic movement.



Rebecca shares that her customers value large, showy blossoms, and for Christmas, amaryllises are impressive options. Here, two tall stems are wedged between the interior of the vase and a block of floral foam, which Rebecca concealed with a Fatsia leaf and a topping of stones. A bedazzling bouquet of Ranunculi and some creatively presented steel grass finish the composition with flair.



Luscious ‘Hearts’ garden roses and scarlet Anthuriums are contrasted by a woody-looking vase, which is simply a glass cylinder wrapped with banana leaf. Rebecca cut a pair of hearts from another banana leaf, and threaded them onto birch branches for a novel effect and to repeat the woody element



This tall, fan-shaped arrangement offers tremendous perceived value, which is especially important for Valentine’s Day. Rebecca notes that in addition to the pair of Cymbidium orchids that serves as a botanical “bow,” this modern design includes a new and intriguing variety of Lisianthuses, ‘Rosanne Black Pearl’. Their moody hues are beautifully suited to romantic applications.




A glorious king Protea is the centerpiece of this hand-tied bouquet. The sizeable bloom is surrounded by a wealth of additional botanicals and wrapped in layers of decorative paper and mesh fabric. The dramatic design will be a bit costly, but Rebecca notes that the kingProtea “lasts almost forever.”

Photos by Shalla Melton, Eye Sugar Photography, Somersworth, N.H.

Most fresh flowers provided courtesy of FleuraMetz. Floral Soil design mechanics provided by Floral Soil Solutions.

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