Adding flair to cash-and-carry Valentine flowers


FARGO — Diamonds are high-priced and chocolates add calories. That’s why flowers and Valentine’s Day go together like Martha Stewart and color-coordinated garden hose. On Valentine’s Day, flower shops are filled with floral arrangements elegant enough to give even Martha a run for her money. Speaking of money, there’s a way to enjoy a nice floral arrangement from the local florist, even if you’re on a tight budget. Most florists sell pre-packaged, cash-and-carry flower bunches at a reasonable price. Instead of just setting the flowers in a water-filled vase, we can create something exciting. And if a clumsy guy like me can make a simple floral arrangement, anyone can. (And for me, the pressure is really on, because my wife, Mary, was a trained florist.) Selecting flowers Cellophane-wrapped bunches might have one or more flower types included, often with a few sprigs of greenery. Floral arrangements can be created with one flower type, but it’s easier if you have flowers of several shapes. Look for tall, spike-shaped blooms like snapdragons or gladiolus plus round flowers like roses or lilies. Although upright vases are the most common flower-holder, they aren’t the most effective. Flowers in a vase often look like […]