About Us

The Company

Florists’ Review has been serving the floral industry for nearly 120 years.

Florists’ Review has been serving the floral industry for nearly 120 years. Established by Gilbert Leonard Grant in 1897 as The Weekly Florists’ Review, it was the first floral magazine to use photography rather than sketches, giving florists a true picture of what was happening in their industry.

Our parent company, WildFlower Media Inc., is a business-to-business media company that is deeply entrenched in the professional floral industry. In today’s multimedia world, WildFlower Media Inc. continues to provide high-quality content targeted for the professional floral industry. The portfolio of products centers on the flagship publication, Florists’ Review, the industry’s only independent monthly magazine for the retail/wholesale/supplier market. Other important connections to the floral marketplace include our website, special supplements, e-newsletters, videos, online Sourcebook, social media relationships and a host of marketing services.

WildFlower Media Inc. is the industry leader in creating “how-to” floral design books and floral image CDs. These books and CDs, along with other selected books, provide florists and flower enthusiasts with nearly 60 titles from casinos which to choose in our Bookstore, along with a unique selection of display and merchandising products.

The company sponsors two major industry-wide contests each year: the Retail Florist of the Year contest and the Picture-Perfect Weddings contest.

Our Team

Travis Rigby, president and publisher, purchased Florists’ Review in 2016. Travis, along with the current leadership team and staff, continue to honor the company’s proud heritage while providing innovative products to promote the success of floral professionals and the companies that desire to connect with them. Our team has more than 100 years of experience in the retail and wholesale floral industry.

Leadership Team

  • Travis Rigby, president/publisher
  • David Coake, editorial director
  • Kathleen Dillinger art director
  • Shawn Cusolito, director of technology
  • Lisa Strydom, national sales director
  • Brenda Wettengel, circulation coordinator


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